James Nottingham
ViS, Gothenburg

Tuesday 10th April 2018


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In the meantime please find below links to the useful resources for the conference.

1. The Learning Challenge Animation

This short animation shows how the learning challenge (also referred to as The Learning Pit) can be used to challenge all students to make outstanding progress.

2. Progress .vs. Achievement

This short video will give delegates an idea as to why James Nottingham encourages a focus on progress.  In it he talks about why progress is arguably more important than achievement and what we can do to help students think about beating their personal best.

3. Labels Limit Learning

This is James Nottingham’s TEDx presentation made in 2013 in Norrköping, Sweden.  It identifies the impact of labels - good and bad - on student expectations and how this affects learning.

4. James Nottingham talks about Challenge

This video shows James Nottingham giving suggestions to parents about how to best encourage their children to enjoy their challenges more.

5. Challenging Learning Facebook Page

Our company uses this page to share some of the best links to the work of Carol Dweck, John Hattie and James Nottingham.  It also gives ideas for improving feedback, challenge, growth mindset, P4C and teachers’ professional development.

6. James Nottingham

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Available Books:

The latest books by James Nottingham can be purchased from Natur & Kultur: Click Here



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